With the purpose of guaranteeing to its clients a satisfying quality of the offered products, the assumption on which the entire process is relied, is the leading interest of the Bertoni Carni S.r.l. corporate ethics.

The meat comes from highly selected farms that pay special attention to the respect of the animal and with which the Bertoni Carni S.r.l entertains years of trusting relationships. This allows it to offer high quality products, certificates which are responding exactly to customer requests.

Each phase of the process is strictly controlled: first of all a careful selection of farms takes place, followed by an accurate slaughter, thereafter an observant cooling-off phase and a precise processing in the cutting room; finally an orderly storage and an appropriate shipping are finishing the procedure. Likewise also the staff, who is receiving periodical trainings and updates, are respecting the directives on health and safety at work.

In addition to this, accredited bacteriological laboratories are conducting parasitological and microbial analysis in order to exclude any biological and chemical risks.